Friday, October 24, 2008

We Want Your
Smooshed Boobies-Prints!

will be posted here
and ARE DUE BY Halloween Friday, November 7th SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9th!
(Come back on Monday November 10th to view them all!)
So send us your Smooshings ASAP!

Boobies of all sizes, shapes, colors and genders
are encouraged to participate!

(Click here to read how this all started)
This is either Olga or Claire's feeble 1st attempt
at a Smooshed Boobies-Print...
(I wonder who's boobies those are?)

1. Tape a piece of paper to the wall, at boobie height
(on the floor works too)
2. Choose your color(s) of paint
3. Apply paint to bare boobies with a soft brush, fingers, sponge, or whatever
4. Smoosh your boobies onto the paper (you might want to experiment a little with holding them together and/or guiding them into place)
5. Repeat as necessary until desired effect is achieved
6. Shower
7. Take a picture or scan your smooshed-boobies print(s)
8. And email it to Claire or Olga no later than Thursday, October 30th (Include your name/blog's url if you want a link back)
We will post them all here on Smoosh Your Boobies! on Halloween, October 31st FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7th!...feel free to post your Smooshed Boobies-Print on your blog too!
Prizes will be awarded for best Smooshed Boobies-Print, most original, most life-like, best use of color, etc!